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Although Mittagong has seen many historically significant buildings sadly being lost to developers and demolishers, restoration of the old CBC of Sydney, 83 Main Street, Mittagong, was saved from that fate when a complete restoration was commenced in to preserve an important conduit to our heritage for future generations. Read more The Southern Highlands The Southern Highlands is a picturesque and relaxing tourist destination abounding in beauty and history. There are many attractions from the quaint villages and cafes, gourmet delights to be enjoyed on a food and wine trail, “Tulip time” during the “open gardens” festival and the Bong Bong picnic race meeting. You can ride bikes on many tracks including the Wingecarribee river path where the explosion of Autumn colours, Winter mists and snow provide a healthy activity and wonderful vistas. There are waterfalls, national parks, 17 wineries, boutiques, stately mansions, the oldest polo cross club in the world and it is one of regional Australia’s most expensive suburbs. Photo courtesy of Visit NSW.

Human remains found in Southern Highlands

See my copyright notice for fair use practices. The Earth’s lithosphere is broken up into chunks called plates with densities around 3. Oceanic crust is only about 6 kilometers thick. The continental plates are made of another volcanic type of silicates called granite. Continental crust is much thicker than oceanic crust up to 35 kilometers thick.

Inverness Tours offer a relaxed and enjoyable way to see the Highlands while benefitting from the combination of content and quality, knowledge and expertise.. You are carried in comfortable seats in six and seven-seater vehicles. Your enjoyment is paramount and our tour coordinator will ensure your booking runs smoothly from enquiry to completion.

See Article History Alternative Titles: Its eastern shore belongs to Jordan, and the southern half of its western shore belongs to Israel. The northern half of the western shore lies within the Palestinian West Bank and has been under Israeli occupation since the Arab-Israeli war. The Jordan River , from which the Dead Sea receives nearly all its water , flows from the north into the lake. For several decades in the mid th century the standard value given for the surface level of the lake was some 1, feet metres below sea level.

By the mid s measurement of the lake level was more than feet some 30 metres below the mid th-century figure—i. Physical features Physiography and geology The Dead Sea is situated between the hills of Judaea to the west and the Transjordanian plateaus to the east. Before the water level began dropping, the lake was some 50 miles 80 km long, attained a maximum width of 11 miles 18 km , and had a surface area of about square miles 1, square km.

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If you want nothing more than a jolly bus or taxi trip then you probably shouldn’t choose us. Our independent guides fulfil exactly that demand. We will present aspects our history to you in a live narrative with visual aids and sometimes even video, but you still have full control. We present everything live.

Buildings are damaged and a number of people are injured after another powerful earthquake hits the remote highlands of Papua New Guinea, provincial authorities say.

The year-old is a keen hiker and outdoor enthusiast The group were laughing and chatting, said Mr Hunter. It just ran at us and went straight through us. The stag then made for the hills. Dr Stone, who has two children, is a research engineer in the Institute of Manufacturing at Cambridge and has set up her own technology company, Novalia. She was part of a group of three men and four women visiting the area — hill walking and enjoying the scenery — and staying at the Mo-Dhachaidh Guest House.

The group was approaching this gate when the stag seemingly panicked and charged Dr Stone who was the tallest in the group A young stag pictured crossing the road in Fort William where Dr Stone was staying with friends before the attack Owner Gary Burton, 51, said: It had nowhere else to go but through the group and unfortunately it seems Kate was in the way. The group had been at a ceilidh at the Lochailort Inn pictured before being invited to Mr Hunter’s home where the attack occurred She was telling me she enjoyed the outdoors in the hills and camping on her own in remote places, so any form of paralysis to such an active person will be a disaster.

Kenneth Price, 75, was gored in Llandysul, Wales. Share or comment on this article.

Southern Africa

See my copyright notice for fair use practices. Select the photographs to display the original source in another window. Links to external sites will be displayed in another window. Terrestrial planets have hard surfaces that can be re-shaped by several different processes: Impact Cratering There are still small chunks of rock orbiting the Sun left over from the formation of the solar system.

WELCOME TO CHERRY TREE HILL. The Cherry Tree Hill vineyard is located in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, one of Australia’s newest cool climate wine regions, producing award winning premium wines.

However, there is still actually wide variation in Southern speech regarding potential differences based on factors like a speaker’s exact sub-region, age, ethnicity, etc. The following phonological phenomena focus on the developing sound system of the more recent Southern dialects of the United States that altogether largely though certainly not entirely superseded the older Southern regional patterns: Southern Vowel Shift or Southern Shift: A chain shift regarding vowels is fully completed, or occurring, in most Southern dialects, especially younger ones, and at the most advanced stage in the “Inland South” i.

This 3-stage chain movement of vowels, called the Southern Shift, is first triggered by Stage 1 that dominates the entire Southern region, followed by Stage 2 that covers almost all of that area, and Stage 3 that is concentrated only in speakers of certain core sub-regions. Stage 1 is now complete for a majority of Southern dialects.

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Karst features such as springs , [9] losing streams , sinkholes and caves are common in the limestones of the Springfield Plateau and abundant in the dolostone bedrock of the Salem Plateau and Boston Mountains. Kept open by periodic fires that limit growth of grasses and forbs in shallow soil, glades are home to collared lizards, tarantulas, scorpions, cacti and other species more typical of the desert southwest.

The Ouachita Mountains to the south rise a few hundred feet higher, but are not geographically associated with the Ozarks. Summits can reach elevations of just over 2, feet m with valleys to 1, feet m deep m to m. Turner Ward Knob is the highest named peak. Located in western Newton County, Arkansas , its elevation is 2, feet m.

To view the sexually graphic video that accompanied The Modesto Bee article, click here.. The Highlands Church in Scottsdale recently released two statements, and they are included in screen shots below.. Two days ago The Modesto Bee published another article stating that three more women have come forward with sexual allegations against Les Hughey. Notice that they are from a different state.

News and views from the North West Highlands Updated on the first Thursday of the month February Wolves not the answer in Alladale Highland landscapes more natural without trees, says leading ecologist A new conservation organisation set up by Alladale Estate owner Paul Lister is pushing once again for the reintroduction of wild predators to his Highland estate, writes Anne Macdonald.

More NHS gives way on out-of-hours Following a well-attended public meeting at Strathy on January 12, NHS Highland have conceded that out-of-hours care will be provided to patients of Tongue and Armadale practices by a locally-based clinician, rather than from Caithness as was originally proposed. More View from the croft gate by John Macdonald The long walk to school is a rare experience for most children of today, escorted as they are by school or family transport.

It was a daily routine, undertaken with a degree of resignation towards the learning task ahead and, more often than not, with a degree of urgency to get there before the bell, our teacher being not too forgiving of late arrivals. January Council fails to publicise delayed works on B Motorists attempting to travel on the B between Syre and Kinbrace during the first week of December would have met with an unpleasant surprise.

Novel success for Kevin This month, Am Bratach columnist Kevin Crowe will see his first published novel serialised online. It will appear on the literary website www. The loaders shed their oilskins for the last time, went for their last after work pint and that was that. The pivotal act in a commercial tradition dating back centuries took its last bow on a cold January evening to an audience of its participants alone.


According to a recent video … In Les Hughey was wrestling with what he should do next. God had used him in so many ways in worship across the country, youth ministry for years in Scottsdale and several other churches, but now having just moved his family to the city of Monterey, California and feeling like it was the wrong place, what was God calling him to? One day the answer came with clarity — start a church — Start a church in a place where you have a heart to reach people with the Gospel and teach them the Word of God.

That place was North Scottsdale… Over the last two decades Highlands Church has grown to mega status under the leadership of its founder Les Hughey. The founder of a popular megachurch in Arizona admits having sex with girls in his charge when he was a married youth pastor at a prominent Modesto church four decades ago.

July Strathnaver Gael named as Sabhal Mòr vice-principal Marsaili MacLeod, originally from Strathnaver, has been named as the next vice-principal and director of studies at Skye’s Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, part of the University of the Highlands and Islands.

News and views from the North West Highlands Updated on the first Thursday of the month November New owner in sight for Gualin Gualin estate, stretching over more than 6, acres between Durness and Kinlochbervie, was reported to be in the closing stages of sale as we went to press. Tom Stewart-Moore, who is handling the sale for land agents Knight Frank, said that the legal part of proceedings was complete, but further details could not be made known until the official date of entry at the end of October.

He describes the two men he is thus: A few years ago I had written down some memories in the hope that they might be of interest to members of the family in future years or people looking into how things once were. I suppose most of our heritage societies are on the same journey. He was, however, a prolific author and, apart from his writings about the Highlands, also wrote extensively about emigration and immigration, and Australian history.

The problem, the source of which remains unexplained, is also affecting neighbours from Borgie and Skerray. More Fresh look at the legacy of Rob Donn A weekend of events celebrating the work of the eighteenth-century bard Rob Donn will be held on October , marking the end of a two-year project led by Strathnaver Museum and the Mackay Country Trust. More View from the croft gate by John MacDonald Not all playmates of the early post-war years were blessed with the freedom to roam that was enjoyed by Wee Jimmy and me.

One such was Bert.

Southern American English

The station is usually identified as a “public service of Pasadena City College” at the top of each hour. PCC’s contract with American Public Media permits either side to terminate the arrangement after giving sufficient notice, APM with six months notice and PCC with five years notice after effectively making it a year contract with an unlimited option to renew. PCC gets on air recognition and funding for a broadcast internship program along with the traditional responsibility of maintaining FCC -related issues as the licensee , while APM controls the station and all the pledges, grants, and corporate underwriting revenues.

Broadcast details[ edit ] KPCC operates with three full powered satellite stations: KPCC reaches , listeners each week. The station originally went on the air in from the Pasadena City College campus as KPCS “Pasadena City Schools,” which operated the college before the advent of the state-controlled Pasadena Area Community College District using the former KWKW-FM watt transmitter and studio equipment, and a small antenna on the roof of the campus administration building that provided limited coverage.

Looking at the table, we can draw some conclusions as to what planet properties will determine the type of planet surfacing that can occur. Impact cratering can occur on .

However, knowledge about the forces driving the long-term dynamics in land resources use is limited. It was found that there have been substantial dynamics in land resource use in the area. The natural vegetation cover has been extensively cleared, although most of the cleared areas have since been replaced with plantations. Grazing land has expanded remarkably at the expense of cropland and bare land. However, the expansion of cropland was minimal over the year period despite a quadrupling of the population density.

Yields have not increased to compensate for the reduction in per capita cropland, and the soil quality appears to be not that good. Though the farmers perceived it otherwise, the long-term rainfall pattern has improved. In response to soil degradation, water shortage, socio-economic and policy changes, farmers have tended to gradually change from annual cropping to tree planting and livestock production to cope with the problems of soil degradation, water scarcity and smaller farms.

Income diversification through the sale of wood and cattle dung is becoming a major livelihood strategy. Apparently, however, little attention has been paid to investments in soil and water conservation SWC and local soil fertility amendments.

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