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Koga’s wolf pack ate Rin’s entire village and gleefully killed her when she tried escaping. But after kidnapping Kagome and a little mini arc, suddenly he’s been turned into The Rival and no worse. When Koga kidnapped Kagome he was more than willing to let his pack eat Shippo, who is the demon equivalent of a seven-year-old, until Kagome refused to help him if they did. Worse, his motivation for pursuing Naraku is that one of Naraku’s demons slaughtered his entire pack; you know, kind of the exact same thing he did to poor little Rin and her innocent village. The entire narrative seems to very solidly take Kagome’s side in the entire love triangle with herself, Inuyasha, and Kikyo, even in ways that don’t really make any sense. One recurring theme is that other characters don’t seem to want Inuyasha to fix his badly broken relationship with Kikyo in any way whatsoever, as he will be reprimanded for “cheating” on Kagome and hurting her feelings for speaking to or about her or what happened between them, despite the fact that the Big Bad turning them against each other and having Inuyasha sealed to a tree for 50 years would logically be the kind of thing you would understand trying to sort out to some extent. This attitude toward Inuyasha and Kikyo’s relationship is present long before he and Kagome officially get together at the very end of the story and even before their relationship is anything remotely serious. In addition to this, while Inuyasha was sealed to the tree he was asleep the whole time. To him it seemed like Kikyo turned on him the day before he met Kagome.

HBO Vampire Series True Blood Adds Four Stars for Season 2

Bella had cancer when she was seven and survived. Now over eleven years later it’s back. The day she plans to tell the Cullens they leave her behind in Forks and break her heart. Two years later when she goes to Alaska for treatment, she meets another coven of vampires who have another chance at love and family. What if Reborn was just a little too bored?

But then sometimes this point of view seems to spread like an inkblot and color the way everything behaves and thinks. The work lapses into Protagonist-Centered Morality — a state where, on some profound cosmic level, the very fabric of the fictional universe seems to be seeing things from the protagonist’s point of view.

Just a nice scene break from a Southern English Accent. He chews up more scenery than all those vamps do humans. FF all the time now. Same goes for Tara. Harris never killed Tara but she became little more than a recurring character, which was appropriate. Tara new lesbianism sounds desperate rather an organic change. If he wanted to keep Lafayette around to be a legit character okay. But he turned the guy into a joke.

“Sookie, my little bullet-sucker!” “Eric, my big bullshitter!”

All of these reviews of horror movies thanks John Galt! It’s quite possibly my biggest influence. I even lived around the corner from where the theatre used to be in Pigalle. Paula Maxa, a player in the Grand Guignol, according to statistics, was “murdered” over 10, times and raped about 3, times on stage.

Jul 14,  · As True Blood DVD Season 5 just finished, season 5 brings people many doubtful the dinal episode, Russell, along with Eric’s vampire sister Nora and Salome, redefine the values of the Authority and view humans as nothing more than food: just as Lilith of the Vampire bible wanted. The season ends with Bill drinking the blood of Lilith in front of Sookie and : Paparazzi Gossip & News.

Also, if I just stuck to the books, there would be no surprises. You could go pick up the books anywhere and know exactly what was coming. If I were to follow the books, it would be all about Sookie, because Sookie narrates the story, and the other characters would rarely even show up. Jason would come into the bar and hug her in an attempt to make people think he loves his sister so he can pick somebody up. Lafayette would be dead. And unlike what Ball said, the show is following the series fairly closely; elements from each book are placed within the season.

The second book, Living Dead in Dallas, featured the maenad Maryann, just like the second season of the series did. Sookie even removes silver from Eric in both the book in the adaptation. As Ball stated, Lafayette was dead at the beginning of the second novel, and there are many various differences regarding Maryann — in the novels, she kills everyone at the sex party, expect for Tara.

In the third novel, Bill is taken hostage by Lorena, who fans of the TV show know as his maker, a sadistic woman with fiery red hair, under the command of the Vampire King, Russell Edgington who Ball has confirmed will be in the third season. However, since Lorena appeared for the first time in the second season as opposed to the third book , perhaps she will not be the perpetrator after all. The two end their relationship at the end of the third book after she discovers his infidelity with Lorena, and the two do not get back together for the rest of the series, though they remain friends.

HBO: True Blood Season 7 Will Be Its Finale

Before being edited this was 14 pages and 5, words long and after being edited it is now 19 pages and 7, words long! Thank you so much for all the reviews it helped me write this monstrosity so keep it up! Seriously guys the reviews give me inspiration and ideas so leave me some of that at the end!

I have nothing against the character and I guess this does open up for Sookie and Bill to get back together by the end, which is very boring, but I also do think that there are too many characters and that it would be most satisfying to have most of them die before the show is over.

Well, here it is. We can thank Maryann Forrester for the outdoor, citywide sex parties of season two. She turns out to be a maenad, or a female follower of the Greek god Dionysus, who can’t seem to help herself from making other people have sex. But things get a little more freaky than usual in this scene from season five when he gets into a passionate love-making sesh with a new character, Nora. You later find out she’s his vampire “sister,” making this quite possibly the hottest incest you’ve ever seen.

That is, until she returns for a round of apology-sex Not that we’re complaining, since their packmaster is the tall, dark, and handsome Alcide, played by Joe Manganiello. For a long time we were hoping he and Sookie to get together and do the deed, but in season five we got something even better: Alcide knockin’ paws with fellow werewolf, Rikki. Apparently vampires aren’t the only ones that know how to screw.

Jason and Jessica in the Back of the Truck Jessica brings a lot to the table: We loved her with mama’s boy, Hoyt, but if you wanted to see her naked, it had to be with Jason — because, duh.

Dead Ever After

As for all you TeamAlcide diehards out there… rare. And that’s not even the most neighbouring up that’s happened on the show. And that’s not even the most acute thing that’s split on the show. If you mobile this story, consider seeing up for our email members.

Is Sookie going to have to pick between Bill and Eric again? Will Hoyt come back to town and fall for Jessica again, leaving James free to hook up with Lafayette?

Sookie, Bill, Eric Trueblood Tales: For all the fans who just can’t quench their thirsts. This is the first in a series of Trueblood inspired literotica. Stay tuned and turned for more! Also, I will accept comments and votes for which characters you’d like to see featured. This story contains mmf relations- if this is not what you are in to, keep reading I may change your mind.

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Eric and Bill finally have sex. Alan Ball, the very gay creator of True Blood, seems to get much pleasure from putting Bill and Eric in the gayest situations without ever actually having them hook up. Just have them do it already! Preferably with Lafayette in some V-induced psychosis. Tara is one of the most insufferable characters on television. Just what Tara needs!

Eric does sup on Sarah’s blood though and is instantly healed of Hep-V. Sookie Stackhouse and Jason will hook up with Bridgette. While Sarah’s blood has healed Eric, it seems Mr. Gus (Will Yun Sookie and her gang are arriving at Saint Alice’s. Not only does Sookie find the house belonging to the corpse she tripped over in Bon.

This has become possible with the invention of a special drink—the eponymous TruBlood—developed as a safe means to replace human blood. Public opinions concerning vampire rights vary: The anti-vampire movement is also fueled by the fact that vampire blood is extremely addictive to humans and is known on the black market as the drug V.

As a result, there exist drainers—people who earn their living hunting down vampires and exploiting them for their blood. Lest you think that Humans Are Bastards , the vampire spokesmen are uniformly corrupt and secretly dine on human blood, as TruBlood tastes revolting—and is overpriced, to boot. Other supernatural creatures—such as shifters , were-animals , and fairies —also exist.

However, their existence is mostly closeted. Sookie’s a telepath, which makes life extremely problematic for her at times. Her life changes drastically when Sookie meets a vampire for the first time. His name is Bill Compton and he used to live in Bon Temps about a hundred years ago. Sookie discovers that, unlike the thoughts of humans—which are constantly forced on her, requiring effort to shut out—the vampire’s mind is a closed book to her, which she finds immensely refreshing.


It was the first one written and is the basis for the MultiVerse. Who says they picked gemstones to keep track of things? The Eric and Sookie from Bored To Death were lucky enough to avoid a lot of grief… but what would have happened if Eric and Sookie met when she was just 18? After a few months of being spoiled by the mysteriously sweet blood of his bar back, Eric is greedy for more and explores her family tree, calling her cousin… of course he finds more than he bargains for.

Erik finds more than he bargained for when he visited Bon Temps on a whim.

Obviously you haven’t seen Bill with his first hook-up in season 4. He blows Eric and Al away. IMO. Yes, I do mean Bill. Yes! Eric! He brought silver over to Sookie when he knew Sookie and Eric had hooked up. You could see it killed him but he put asside his feeling and looked out for his own nemesis. The question was “Who’s the.

May 10, As many of you know that read my review of Deadlocked last year, I was not overly impressed with where this series has been heading and I felt that Charlaine Harris was writing to fulfil her contract and not because she had any love left for these characters at all. With that being said let me start the review of the final book in the Sookie series with these words ……. I have nothing personally against Charlaine Harris nor do I wish her any harm.

Let me be VERY clear about this. I respect the right of EVERY author to tell the story they want to tell whether I agree with where they want to take it or not. When I started reading I actually had to close the copy and make sure that I was reading the right book. For 12 books, and however many short stories, the adventures of Sookie Stackhouse have always been told from her perspective. We have learned to expect Sookie getting distracted by completely irrelevant details in the middle of a sentence and to me it made her more human, more relatable, more accessible.

Now suddenly book 13 is starting with 2 men selling their souls to a devil ….. Note A devil, not THE devil, there is a distinction. They cannot have their thoughts read by anyone. This is pure and simple sloppy, lazy, writing! Whether written by her or a ghost writer which despite claims to the opposite I am not completely convinced about for reasons I will discuss later the fact is this is just NOT a part of the great and wonderful Sookie Stackhouse universe.

Chapter 10 Just in a Dream

Alice and Bob are in Bob’s bed having a In bursts a messenger — let’s call her Carol — who has some important news to tell Bob. Instead of getting mad or awkwardly excusing himself so he can go take care of this new business in another room, Bob decides this development will not interrupt his activity.

Chapter 9. Sight For Sore Eyes ** Does Sookie know they are all part fae? I’m also patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for the telepath reveal. I really truly hope she tells Eric before he finds out through a slip, someone else, or the need to tell him immediately due to a threat. Pam picking up on Eric’s panic, the food/alcohol.

Hard to imagine that there is a problem where vampires and werewolves are commonplace right? The mighty vamps are scared. It appears that witches are the newest members of the Bon Temp community and they have a grudge. Eric, the year old Viking Vamp has forgotten his past, Pam his liege is literally rotting in front of us and it seems that Sookie is torn between a werewolf and yet another vampire lover.

Here is the interview the couple did. Will Sookie hook up with Eric? Will a witch be the final demise of all vampires? Only time will tell… Question: Anna, why do you think Sookie has such a stubborn nature, when it comes to friends and family trying to warn her? Well, I think stubborn people get themselves in a lot of trouble, but they also get things done. Stephen, when did you find out that Bill was going to be the new king of Louisiana, and what did you think of that?


Contact Author I know, I know. I’m a little late to the party okay, over two years late, whatever. Nevertheless, I’ve finally gone back to watching the HBO fantasy series, True Blood, and completed the final season after having abandoned the show sometime during season 5.

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Plot[ edit ] Sookie Stackhouse Anna Paquin is a waitress with telepathic abilities. Stephen Moyer plays her love interest, vampire Bill Compton. Sookie works for Sam Merlotte , played by Sam Trammell , owner of Merlotte’s bar and a shapeshifter who has a crush on Sookie. Arlene is a thrice-divorced waitress with two children who, over the course of the season, becomes engaged to Rene Lenier , played by Michael Raymond-James , a Cajun labourer who works on a road crew.

Ryan Kwanten plays Jason Stackhouse , Sookie’s brother, a labourer on a road crew and ladies’ man. Jason’s sexual relations begin to die, one after the other, and he is suspected of being a serial killer. Lois Smith plays Adele Stackhouse , Jason and Sookie’s grandmother who has looked after them since the deaths of their parents.

True Blood Season 4: Eric Makes Sookie An Offer (HBO)

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