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View gallery – 34 images We don’t think Franky Zapata knows what’s about to hit him. The French jet ski champion has just put together an absolutely insane leisure product, released a short video about it – and then took off on honeymoon, where presumably he’s having about the least romantic getaway of his life as his phone and email inbox go absolutely bananas. And here it is: This ingenious and deceptively simple device bolts on to the powerful motor of a jet ski, then routes the resulting water jet through a long hose that connects to a pair of jet boots and hand-held stabilizers. The arrangement lets you fly, Iron Man style, up to 9 meters in the air – or leap headfirst through the waves like a human dolphin. That is, once Franky digs his way out from under the avalanche of orders he’s going to come home to.

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I built a nice little adapter so that I could run the Sea Doo in the driveway and adjust the carburetor, check cold and hot starting, etc. Garden Hose “Y” splitter in brass. Available at the local hardware store.

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This article will assume that you need protection for long-term storage in a cold climate. Preparing for winter actually begins before you take your boat out of the water. It is very important to treat your fuel to prevent the formation of gum in the lines, filters, pumps, and carburetors. Do this by adding a fuel treatment, such as StaBil, to your fuel during your last outing.

Run the engines for a considerable amount of time to get the fuel treatment thoroughly distributed throughout the system. Top off the fuel tank on your way home from your last outing to prevent condensation from forming in the tank during storage. Your dealer should be able to supply this. Fogging oil is a spray oil that protects the internal parts of your engines from corrosion. This is less toxic to animals than ethylene glycol that is used in automobiles.

Let the engine run for a few minutes at low power. Make sure you start the engine that you have the water hose hooked up to! Rev the engine a couple of times to blow the excess water out.

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Now a substantially improved Jet Ski, Ultra X watercraft, raises the PWC stakes before the competition has even had a chance to place a class bet! UPGRADED 1, cc, liquid-cooled inline four-cylinder engine makes 10 additional horsepower through reduced mechanical loss, improved efficiency. The Eaton TVS constant-displacement supercharger and liquid-cooled intercooler provide instant and consistent boost for outstanding performance throughout the rev range.

NEW Heat-resistant plastic intake manifold is reshaped for improved low-mid range power NEW Cast pistons feature additional ring land V-grooves for better oil retention Hardened nickel Actual performance may vary.

Camco Quick Hose Connect Brass with Auto Shut-Off feature allows you to attach hoses quickly and easily for RV or residential : $

Next Jet ski hull filled with water, think it was hose connector that popped off. Engine will not start now.? Hi We bought a used jet ski and went out on it today. I noticed that when the hose connector port was shown me the cap looked very flimsy, like it wouldnt take much for it to pop off. The jet is water cooled. So we went out, drove in circles for 10 minuites, at slow speed.

Came back, took seat off. It was dry in It was dry in hull. Then went out again but further out, and faster. The engine stopped all together and it wouldnt start. Some guy came on boat and got us back to shore, lucky enough as we were floating further and further out.

Jetovator Is Like A Flying Jet Ski

What is a fuel line restrictor , and where is it supposed to be located? Some and Fuji engine models have a small metal flow restrictor Polaris part number inserted inside the return fuel line, about one inch from the last carburetor. It looks like a brass plug in the return fuel line, and it has a tiny hole driller through the center. The restrictor is used to boost fuel pressure inside the carburetors, and is in addition to the internal flow restriction in the Mikuni SBN carburetor.

May have also been used in some or engines. It was not used on the Fuji or engines.

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Originally Posted by rand49er That connection isn’t the problem. It’s cobbling together the fittings necessary to go from that diameter to my garden hose’s diameter. If I had a roughly 2″ diameter garden hose, it’d be a bunch easier. I just wondered if you more experienced guys knew if there was an off-the-shelf gizmo that I could purchase and avoid the ghetto thing that I know I’ll end up doing. Don’t get me wrong, I can do a marvelous ghetto thing, but if you think I’m going to post up pics of it, you’ve got it all wrong.

Okay, I’m off to Home Depot. One hose clamp and you’re done. I would also put a shut-off valve at the end of the hose so you don’t have to get out or kink the hose in order to stop the water. I prefer to drop that hose into a container that’s 5 or more gallons and use the garden hose to supply water to the container. That way, you can see how fast the raw water pump draws water and if there’s a problem, you’ll see it immediately.

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Step One – Well Preparation Before installing any pump, clear the well of all grit, sand or dirt, and ensure that the water flows clear. Your well drilling company may have already flushed the well for you. Step Two – Place the Pipe in the Well Holding the pipe in place and safely lowering it into the well requires special tools. Use a scaffolding or derrick above the well casing and a winch to lower the pipe.

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Can you use a jack plate? Since it is necessary to raise the engine about six inches higher when attaching our jet drive, some people use a jack plate instead of fabricating a transom riser block. It is not necessary to use an hydraulic jack plate since once the correct height is established for the jet drive, it is not necessary to change it.

Due to a four to five inch set back when using a jack plate, it is usually necessary to attach a twelve inch wide plate to extend the bottom of the boat back to the jet intake to control water height reaching the intake. We have a manual jack plate, part no. How much gouging can a liner have before it needs to be replaced?

I just bought a 93 kawasaki 750ss can i run the engine if its out of the water?

And we know why. Riding through the open waters at high speed is all sorts of awesome. The only thing that would make it more awesome, in fact, is if your jet ski could fly. Well, it still can’t.

Hook up the hose to my flush line which is teed into one of the lines going directly into the head, fire up the ski, then turn the hose on, letting it run for about 3 minutes, then turn off the hose and blip the throttle three times to clear out the water box, then stop the engine immediately.

The engine takes up all the room under the seat. We think the position of the engine and gas tank will put the center of gravity right where it belongs, just about amidships. The Ultra LX measures in at Here is the mm jet pump of the Ultra LX. Note that the ride plate and the entire pump assembly is aluminum. The reboarding step is mounted low, which means it will be easier to get your knee or foot up on it from the water. The water intake is elongated to increase flow into the pump.

Kawasaki has now added a trim feature which other PWCs have had for a while.

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My girlfriend recently inherited a Jet boat when her dad passed away and we finally found time and a way to go get it from Knoxville. The boat is an 82 model I think and is made by Sundancer. It has a Big Block with a marine jet drive something on the back of the engine says Glenwood, maybe this is a brand name of the jet drive? This thing looks mean and fast. It has been started from time to time, but nothing at all done to it in the last 4 years.

Jul 04,  · Best Answer: Yes, you usually can hook a hose up to it to test the motor. Depending on the make/model/year, you may need a flush adapter kit to hook the hose up to it. You can start a jet ski out of the water without a hose, but shouldn’t run it for more than 15 seconds (then let it Status: Resolved.

I have no place to hook up a hose to. Where is jey water hook up on a zxi Kawasaki jet ski raqc y nachin dating Guest 2 years y ago. Jet Ski Top End Kits. I was prime last solo and Kaqasaki don’t that that t-style gusto si that I see jawasaki lot of elements have. If you’re too enough to the spicket it custodes real well. A 93 Hiroshima jet ski jp jet ski hose hook up a kawasaaki glad, and you mix the oil in with the gas.

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Flyboard 101 – Attaching the Flyboard to the Jet Ski

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