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At the beginning of the game, he moves to the countryside to live with his uncle and cousin for a year, and attends Yasogami High School in the same homeroom class as Chie, Yosuke, and Yukiko. His entire personality is decided and portrayed by the player’s in-game actions and decisions. The Protagonist’s first Persona, Izanagi of the Fool Arcana, wears a long coat reminiscent of the Japanese bancho and wields the Amenonuhoko , which in-game, is a spear with a blade resembling a combat knife. The Protagonist also has a unique ” wild card ” ability to swap persona, [1] similar to the main characters of previous Persona games, but without the power of Death at his hand, he cannot use Fusion spells like the Protagonist of Persona 3. In this portrayal he is depicted as being a distant, but otherwise friendly loner with a pessimistic outlook on life due to having to move frequently as a result of his parents’ changing careers. The characters of the game give the Protagonist titles senpai, sensei, leader, partner, big bro when directly talking to him, instead of the usual “you” or “him” like his predecessors. The character design of the Protagonist stayed relatively similar from initial conception, with his tone and expressions changing the most. He dual wields blades ranging from knives to daggers in battle.

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Boy and girl like each other Girl meets other boy Other boy likes girl too, but the girl’s attention is already consumed by the first boy that she doesn’t even notice the other boy’s affections This is Triang Relations 4: After all, All Love Is Unrequited. Distinct from the Romantic False Lead in that the latter will actually catch the Girl’s attention and make Boy jealous and uncomfortable forming a Love Triangle.

The Hopeless Suitor thinks that their rival is a Romantic False Lead , when in reality there was no competition in the first place; the object of their affection simply doesn’t notice them. The center of the love triangle will always think the Hopeless Suitor is just a friend.

Dating yumi persona 4 wiki. Whenever Hiroomi tries to help Jun progress with Yachiyo, Jun unrelentingly hits him with a pan, showing that he is sensitive about his feelings for Yachiyo.

He is enamored by small and cute things, and thus favors Popura over the other employees due to her cute appearance. He occasionally voices his thoughts out loud and so offends his co-workers, who punish him in various ways. He was able to adapt quickly to his job at the restaurant and although he usually finds his co-workers and the rules of the restaurant to be strange, but he still has an attachment to his job.

He expresses a dislike of older women, brought about by his treatment at the hands of his older sisters. His younger sister, who is in elementary school and is almost as tall as he is, respects him. Even though he constantly gets hit by Mahiru, he is actually quite skilled in fighting, as his sister taught him self-defense. He does not fight back against Mahiru because his sisters taught him not to hit girls.

Ironically, she was named after the poplar tree, so that she would grow tall. She is very sensitive about her short stature, and many customers believe her to be younger than she really is. She is also unable to properly call him by his surname, saying “Katanashi” rather than “Takanashi”, even when corrected.

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They consist of a variety of people across Tokyo that the Protagonist can interact with over the game, eventually becoming allies to the Phantom Thieves. Most of the Confidants have someone responsible for their suffering, whose heart you have to change in Mementos. In Mishima’s case, he’s his own Arc Villain. In the previous two games, Social Links outside of the party had no in-game benefits other than providing more EXP in Persona Fusion and unlocking more powerful Personas when complete.

Here, as Confidants level up, the player will unlock more bonuses like additional EXP or skill gain, bonus gun damage, more items in shops, etc. Also, each Confidant is now fully voiced during story events as well as the first and last rank-up unlike in Persona 4 where they are only voiced at certain point or during the final battle.

 · Post by scy» Fri Dec 19, pm Moon~ [spoiler]Maybe she improves but, quite frankly, the whole snobby rich girl thing in the first few S. Links is annoying as ?t=&start=

Lavanya Six Souji is a Kijiro Group robot. Mitsuru Kirijo doesn’t have a business degree yet but she does have two things that let her take over her father’s company at the tender age of seventeen: While the businesswoman in her can see a fertile market for such a product, Mitsuru’s friendship with Aigis dampens any enthusiasm she has for exploiting this new technology. It’s her friendship with Aigis, though, that keeps her from firing the perverted cyberneticist and purging any data relating to the ‘sexbot’.

After a thorough grilling of the scientist in question, Mitsuru consents to building a single prototype of the sexbot – codenamed ‘Souji’ after a bygone childhood friend of hers – in order to test the android’s newtype sensory interface, which promises human-quality tactile sensations for both the product user and the robot itself. Aigis, with no more Shadows to fight, has asked Mitsuru to help her become more human; the sexbot’s experimental systems would, if they work, allow Aigis to experience a breeze blowing across her synthetic skin as something deeper than a change in the local barometric pressure.

Mitsuru even sees possible applications in the field of prosthetic limbs and spinal paralysis treatment, using the sexbot’s Emotion Chip to allow people to bypass or replace damaged nerves. When Souji turns out to be an unmitigated success, Mitsuru almost does fire the researcher if only because he was so short-sighted as to design a Nobel Prize quality innovation just to put it into a Risette-bot he had half-constructed in his backyard tool shed.

It’s for this reason that Mitsuru forces the scientist to make his prototype using a male chassis; the sexualization of technology creeps the fuck out of Mitsuru. What becomes of Souji, Mitsuru leaves to Aigis. She’s his sister, in a sense.

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Originally Posted by Xefi so what system is P5 going to be develop on? My money’s on Playstation 3. Japanese gamers tend to be pretty slow to move to a new platform, and a release on the older console is a lot more attractive. Originally Posted by Clarami That’s the thing. The question here is who should pick or collaborate with Atlus if Index goes under. There are many options regarding that, but it’s the matter of which studio or company is right for the job.

The story of Atlus’ PlayStation 2 console role-playing game Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 is centered around a group of high-school students dedicated to capturing the culprit responsible for the murders and kidnappings that happened in their small town of

So we all know that most Atlus USA games are incredibly hard to find a few weeks after they’re released, spawning incredibly high prices on eBay and ridiculous used game prices in Gamestop. Since I’m thinking about getting Persona 4 in Japanese, I’d like to know if Atlus Japan is the same with their game releases. Do their games magically disappear from stores in a few weeks and reappear on eBay with jacked up prices, or are Atlus Japan games still readily available in most Japanese game stores weeks or even months after their release?

High profile Atlus JP games are usually readily available from import stores well after release, at least in my experience. There was an import store I went to, for example, that still had Persona 2: I should point out that those copies were used. However their used games are generally in perfect condition. Used games and new games that didn’t sell would drop dramatically in price. Hence cheap copies of Persona 2, and the like.

E-Bay is another matter entirely, however. E-Bay sellers should have the game available for awhile, but they’ll also charge quite a bit for it. Like, I doubt you’ll be able to get it for as much as those copies of Persona 2: Eternal Punishment that I mentioned earlier, but you shouldn’t have any problems getting ahold of a copy, at the very least. Last edited by Vapour Trail on Sun Jul 06, 3:

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She is from Tokyo, and belongs to the show-business production Suns Entertainment. She belonged to Yellow Cab before She portrayed the hostess who became a nun named Saori in Lion-Maru G. She is cm tall; her three sizes are B80 W56 H

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Christy from The Social Network Dating yumi persona 4 wiki Whenever Hiroomi tries to help Jun progress with Yachiyo, Jun unrelentingly hits him with a pan, showing that he is sensitive about his feelings for Yachiyo. He didn’t even kiss said woman. Ritchie says she’s like this with every girl Kalak has contact with. Eleanor from Eleanor And Park is this for her boyfriend Park, turning on the Greeneyed Monster when Park brings up the fact that he used to go out with Tina.

Rebekah in regards to Stefan as well, almost to Yandere levels, although no where near as extreme as Katherine. His biggest weakness appears to be crying girls.

For the most part, Persona 4: Golden’s characters perform with subtlety and properly accentuate emotion rather than speak forwardly with “sad” or “excited” ://

Ashes of the Past by Saphroneth reviews Time travel, based on the Anime. So, the world ended. Who best to get to fix it? Well, there is this guy with a track record in world saving T rating may be overdoing it. Details after that are sketchy

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Yumi Ozawa & Ayane Matsunaga Seekers of Truth – Priestess Empress Emperor Justice Lovers The world of Persona 4 takes place 2 years after Persona 3. Persona 4 is focused on a rural town of “Inaba”. You’ll be staying at Inaba for a year If not Yukiko will also call you today to hang out if you are dating right now. depending on your

WhatsApp The School Festival is around the corner and Yosuke decides to enter all the of the girls on the investigation team into the Yasogami High School beauty pageant! Sadly, this plan backfires when Chie gets her revenge by entering all the boys on the team into the Yasogami High School Cross Dressing pageant. While all of this chaos is occuring, Yu helps out a student named Ayane Matsunaga.

Yasogami High School is holding its annual cultural festival and thanks to a joke Yosuke pulls on Class , they are forced to put together a group-dating cafe. Yosuke then reveals to all of the girls on the investigation team that he signed them up for the beauty pageant, which causes Chie to become extremely upset. Yu and Kanji support the idea and eventually convince the girls to participate.

Later on, while playing with the soccer team, Yu kicks the soccer ball too hard and hits Ayane Matsunaga. Yu apologizes to her and realizes she is one of the trombone players of the school band. A few days after, Yosuke is shocked to find out that Chie has entered all of the boys on the investigation team into the Yasogami High School Cross Dressing pageant.

While Yosuke denies wanting to enter, Yu and Kanji encourage the idea and find it to be rather humorous.

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