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School safety training a necessity Its staff worked every day to create a climate of kindness over bullying. They had lockdown drills that trained everyone to stay low and quiet in the event of an emergency. A security system introduced this year required visitors to ring a bell, sign-in and perhaps produce a photo ID. And now it’s the home of the one of the worst school shootings in U. Twenty children dead and eight adults, including the shooter. Those who know the world of school security are already predicting what comes next: A strong reaction — maybe an overreaction — by parents, schools and legislators who want to take action. Politicians will be elected on platforms of school safety. Vendors will turn up with technology and security plans to sell.

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We took showers but he dried off and walked out. I didn’t think anything of it as I finished drying myself. I went back to my bedroom and reached for my watch and it was gone. I thought maybe I unconsciously dropped it in the drawer.

C-language Interface Specification for SQLite This page is intended to be a precise and detailed specification. For a tutorial introductions, see instead.

Practical considerations Security considerations for Slack apps As a Slack App developer, you’ll be working with credentials issued to you from Slack, as well as token values representing members, workspaces, and specific features of your application. Your Client ID can be shared freely in code and email and cannot be used alone to act on your application’s behalf. Your Client Secret should be treated delicately. It is how you securely identify your application’s rights and identity when exchanging tokens with Slack.

Do not distribute client secrets in email, distributed native applications, client-side javascript, or public code repositories. Bot user tokens can connect to the real time messaging API and post messages on their own behalf. They can also access a subset of API methods to better understand the channels, members, and messages received as part of its activities. User tokens, such as those received through the Add to Slack and Sign in with Slack flows are capable only of the permissions granted to it during the OAuth flow using scopes.

Store user and bot user tokens with care and never place them in a public code repository or client-side code like Javascript. Restricting token use by IP address One way to build confidence in the sanctity of your user and bot tokens is to lock down their usage to a known set of IP addresses you control. If you’re building an internal integration and have explicitly marked your app as undistributed, you can further limit access to the Web API: If the request matches your whitelist, Slack will execute the request and respond as usual.

If the request originates from an IP address not listed in your whitelist, it will be rejected with this response: Up to two entries are allowed.

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But without warning you could be in a very dangerous situation. You could […] Homoculture Brian Webb As the use of geo-location based networking apps skyrocket, it has become increasingly easier to hook up. You could be sexually abused, physically assaulted, tied up and robbed, or worse. Here are five hook-up safety tips that you need to know to avoid an unforeseen situation: Get to know each other Before you agree to meet up, talk and get to know each other.

Relevance ranks synonyms and suggests the best matches based on how closely a synonym’s sense matches the sense you selected.

This same province was the subject of a FBI alert on cyberheist activity. Under California law, escrow and title companies are required to immediately report any lost funds. When Efficient reported the incident to state regulators, the California Department of Corporations gave the firm three days to come up with money to replace the stolen funds.

Three days later, with Efficient no closer to recovering the funds, the state stepped in and shut it down. First Foundation did not respond to requests for comment. Crenshaw said the bank produced a report shortly after the heist concluding that the missing funds were stolen not in a cyberheist but instead embezzled by an employee of Efficient Services.

But by that time the money was long gone, and Efficient Services was out of business, forced to lay off its entire staff of nine employees. Crenshaw said the company was on track to clear a half million dollars in profit this year and to reach a million dollars in Why not pick up the phone and confirm the transaction? The other part of the problem is that businesses — particularly title and escrow firms — too often fail to ask about placing such limits until an incident like this one occurs.

Most smaller banks use a service provider that handles the Web site and plugs into these wire systems. The answer is lack of imagination and lack of capabilities at the software layer. In April , I wrote about a Charlotte, N.

C-language Interface Specification for SQLite

Step 4, 5 and 6 Step 7 Place hook at approximately a 45 degree angle with the cam up. Position coils of spring over cam with legs of spring pointing toward point of hook and loop of spring positioned down and lying against the hook. Position latch to side of hook points. Slide latch onto spring legs between lockplate and latch body until latch is partially over hook cam. Then depress latch and spring until latch clears point of the hook.

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This video is part one of a two-part series on safe trailering. Matching your tow vehicle to a trailer It is necessary to follow these guidelines closely when setting up your car-trailer combo in order to avoid dangerous situations on the road. Fully-loaded unbraked trailers cannot exceed the empty weight also known as the curb weight of the tow vehicle. Loaded braked trailers may safely exceed the empty weight of the tow vehicle in some cases, but be sure to follow the recommendations of your vehicle’s and the trailer’s manufacturers.

Make sure your hitch system components each have ratings that exceed the weight of the loaded trailer and that the hitch ball is compatible with the coupler. Proper hook up procedure Don’t get distracted. Always complete the hook up procedure from beginning to end. Make sure your ball size stamped on the top of the hitch ball matches the size of your coupler. When placing a ball clamp coupler onto your hitch, tighten it down well, and then give the trailer a good shake. After that, tighten the clamp down again.

To hook up a trailer with a latch style coupler, double check to make sure your ball is the same size as the coupler. Then, release the latch and place the coupler on the ball. Finally, close the latch and place a pin or lock on it to fasten it safely.

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Just the other day my colleague Jimmy Sandhu and I were talking about the difficulty employers face of being able to enforce safety rules in areas with low unemployment rates. In many instances, if a company disciplines an employee for a safety infraction, or requires that the worker follow appropriate safety procedures, including the wearing of personal protective equipment, often the worker will quit and move on to another company which is less likely to enforce safety infractions.

I am sure we can all agree that it seems crazy that a worker would rather work for a company which does not have their best interests in mind, but it does happen.

Subversion is a free/open source version control system (VCS). That is, Subversion manages files and directories, and the changes made to them, over time. This allows you to recover older versions of your data or examine the history of how your data changed.

And sometimes a Canadian. Some of them aren’t even actually human. Tao is a Chinese man. Shibumi is Japanese and you couldn’t tell that without looking at his name, as he looks more like Jesus than a Japanese man. Dolphin is a white red-headed man possibly Irish. Curly is an Indian woman. Daisy is a white blondine possibly American. Babel is a black man possibly American.

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It is also designed to prevent accidents due to improper use and maintenance of pintle hooks and chains. If an EM-3 is completed, the pintle hook must not be used until inspected by a mechanic, and repaired or replaced as necessary. Operators are responsible for periodic preventive maintenance of pintle hooks, which includes inspection and proper lubrication.

Provide replacement values for placeholder tokens. This hook is invoked when someone calls token_replace(). That function first scans the text for [type:token] patterns, and splits the needed tokens into groups by type.

Why is it so important we talk about this? Some people are out there cruising with the intent of taking advantage of our community, and they are counting on us to feel ashamed. The internet is a playground for anonymity. It is not your fault. You do not have to report it to police. You do not have to tell your friends. The shame felt after being the victim on this type of crime is rough enough. What is the difference between Guilt and Shame? What do we mean by shame?

Or that this is what you get for cruising online? Do you think you deserve your STI because promiscuity and casual sex is wrong? Do you think your kinks are too freaky? And so they continue to do what they do, and we continue to be victimized and keep it under wraps. If an assault happens to you, call us and we can advocate for you.

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The entire blockchain community can access the network within the Rocket ICO platform. The platform hosts various programs that work to launch and implement projects. The successful completion of these projects is the reward that token holders gain for joining the platform. The company that makes the tokens is called Rocket.

Car seats and boosters provide protection for infants and children in a crash, yet car crashes are a leading cause of death for children ages 1 to That’s why it’s so important to choose and use.

Aluminum is the lightest, but fiberglass ladders provide better protection against electrocution in case the ladder accidentally touches a power line or live wire. If possible, set the ladder on firm, level ground. On uneven ground, place squares of plywood under one foot to level the ladder base and then secure it with wire or rope tied to stakes. Fasten the top of the ladder with rope or wire tied to a secure anchoring point such as a 20d nail driven into a rafter.

That will keep it from sliding sideways as you step onto the roof. Stepping from the ladder to the roof or from the roof to the ladder is precarious and can be unnerving. Here are a few pointers to make it easier and safer: If possible, avoid carrying anything up the ladder. Use a helper and a bucket tied to a rope to hoist up tools and supplies. Extend the top of the ladder at least 3 ft. Never step on any of the ladder rungs above the roof.

Keep two hands on the top rung of the ladder as you step onto and off the roof. Roof Smarts When it comes to roofs, even the best safety equipment is no substitute for common sense and good judgment.

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Connecticut My eggs won’t hatch for another 14 days, so I don’t have my brooder set up just yet, but I can show you my lamp set-up. I shudder to think what my first heat lamp set up looked like, knowing what I know now. In the winter when I set up my brooder in the basement, I use an “eye” and screw it into a post in the open ceiling, then I attach the lamp to it in the same way I attached it to the “L” bracket below. These photos show my non-winter, garage brooder lamp set-up.

Thread Safe: Why we need a id_token in openID Connect.

Sora and Riku are shown as best friends and rivals as they grew up. They are often seen around the islands battling with wooden swords, racing, and doing anything else that is competitive. Some time prior to Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Sora’s newly born heart encounters the injured heart of Ventus and mends it, offering to help him restore his broken heart until help is not needed.

This allows them to form a connection with one another, and causes Vanitas ‘s face to resemble Sora’s. By the time Sora is four years old, he encounters Terra and Aqua , two Keyblade wielders of the generation before him, on separate occasions. He never spoke with Terra, but they have seen each other on Destiny Islands. Terra shows no interest in Sora because he is unable to sense his potential, and is instead attracted to Riku. Aqua recognizes their friendship as hers to Terra and Ventus and tells Sora to protect Riku if he were to fall into the hands of darkness, which he agrees.

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