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WITH the halfway mark of the season approaching, Con gives a mid-term report card on Sydney’s spluttering squad. Clint Bolton GK Rating: Clint has had one of his best seasons in recent memory.

The Cuck Cook Release Party (RMG Plus pre-sale) Join the entire cast of Rover’s Morning Glory as they celebrate the release of Jeffrey’s second book, The Cuck Cook: Unhealthy Meals for an Unhealthy.

Delta Mendota Canal and Sloughs Stripers 3; Catfish 2 The northern section of the aqueducts, northwest of Fresno, is getting more play as evidenced by the increased number of Duo Realis jerkbaits and Lucky Craft Pointer in local tackle shops. Schoolie stripers are the rule, with daytime temperatures limiting most anglers to early morning or evenings. In Mendota Slough, bass fishermen are punching the weeds or tossing topwater lures for largemouth bass.

With the heavy moss, Cormier advises fishermen to go weightless and allow the bait to swing in the current. Eastman Lake Bass 2; Trout 1; Bluegill 2; Catfish 2; Crappie 2 Dropping water levels and triple-digit temperatures have limited the bass bite to a few fish off the shore. Rockpiles have been the best location with deep-diving crankbaits or plastics on the drop-shot. Catfishing is the best bet with chicken livers or stink baits at night. The river arm is now open. The lake dropped 2 feet to Eastman Lake Hensley Lake Bass 2; Trout 1; Catfish 2; Bluegill 2; Crappie 2 Similar to nearby Eastman, hot temperatures and water releases have slowed the bass bite to a crawl.

Catfishing remains an option from the shore in the evenings with chicken livers or cut baits. The lake is releasing water, dropping 4 feet to Army Corps of Engineers, Hensley Lake Hidden Dam Lake Don Pedro Bass 3; Trout 3; Kokanee 1; King salmon 2; Crappie 2 Quality rainbow trout loaded with fresh shad have been the story, with experienced guides finding solid action for clients using shad-patterned spoons.

Monte Smith of Gold Country Sport Fishing was on the lake twice during the past week, reporting good action on both outings.

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Click on the above pic to visit our sister site Bear Alley Books Wednesday, April 29, Albert Dorrington Another mystery writer from the Edwardian age that has been causing the Crime Fiction Bibliography brains trust some hair pulling. This one we’ve yet to resolve so if you don’t like mysteries that are left hanging, just read the Eagles strip. Nothing to see here.

Rover’s Morning Glory; Rover’s Morning Glory Subscribe on Apple Podcasts Subscribe on Android Subscribe by Email Add to MyCast. Share. Latest Episodes. Rover bought Gia a hoverboard, Skidmark Cinema, & more – Part 01 June 23, Nadz has a new girlfriend, can the crew pass a 3rd grade test, & more – Part June 23, Sinbad.

For Rot-Weiss and Racing, they go to Wettingen in Switzerland for the EuroHockey Indoor Club Cup with the German side looking to win the continental title for the ninth time — the most recent coming in Rot-Weiss have a star-studded line-up but Mats Grambusch did miss the World Cup final last week through injury. Their aim is to finish in the top two and earn promotion.

The event will be taking place from the 17 to 20 of May with the junior U14 Girls competition being played alongside it at Kingston Grammar School. Hosting the best teams from all over Europe, including some of the best players in the world, will go down as one of the proudest times in the clubs history. As a squad our goal is to improve on our performances in Europe, finishing fourth last year.

So we are hoping the added bonus of playing on home soil in front of a home crowd will give us that extra boost to come home with a medal this year. But it will be a tough assignment, on Friday they open against Pomorzanin Torun Poland followed by Bra Italy later in the day, with Slagelse Denmark to follow early on Saturday. If the Taysiders have any aspirations to contest promotion they must finish in the top two places in the pool, otherwise they will enter the treacherous relegation group.

Gavin Tomlinson, Grove Menzieshill men captain, said: But we have had a dip in form and some of the teams will have players who have just returned from the Indoor World Cup, so we know it will be difficult. Tomlinson will be hoping for a return to the form that took Grove Menzieshill through the National League 1 campaign with a perfect record, at that point the Taysiders swept all before them with even straight victories.

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For the short, short version for those deciding whether or not this would be a good cruise: The Sun Princess is great, but more importantly, you need to get yourself to Alaska. For a more specific, rather lengthy, rundown on the Sun Princess experience, plus insight into excellent yet rarely-taken shore excursions, read on.

Radio personality Rover (Shane French), host of Rover’s Morning Glory, took over weekday mornings at WMMS on April 1, “Tech Tuesday”, where listeners pose consumer electronics questions to an industry expert; and “The Thursday Hook-Up”, a call-in dating game. Rover regularly takes calls throughout the show, and often interviews guests in.

At work in a deep wet hole, he had recklessly omitted to slab the walls of a drive; uprights and tailors yielded under the lateral pressure, and the rotten earth collapsed, bringing down the roof in its train. The digger fell forward on his face, his ribs jammed across his pick, his arms pinned to his sides, nose and mouth pressed into the sticky mud as into a mask; and over his defenceless body, with a roar that burst his ear-drums, broke stupendous masses of earth.

His mates at the windlass went staggering back from the belch of violently discharged air: Their shouts drawing no response, the younger and nimbler of the two—he was a mere boy, for all his amazing growth of beard—put his foot in the bucket and went down on the rope, kicking off the sides of the shaft with his free foot. A group of diggers, gathering round the pit-head, waited for the tug at the rope. It was quick in coming; and the lad was hauled to the surface. The crowd melted with a “Poor Bill—God rest his soul!

Such accidents were not infrequent; each man might thank his stars it was not he who lay cooling down below. And so, since no more washdirt would be raised from this hole, the party that worked it made off for the nearest grog-shop, to wet their throats to the memory of the dead, and to discuss future plans. On hearing his mate’s report he had sunk heavily down on a log, and there he sat, a pannikin of raw spirit in his hand, the tears coursing ruts down cheeks scabby with yellow mud, his eyes glassy as marbles with those that had still to fall.

He wept, not for the dead man, but for himself.


Thursday, June 14, HHH Modern Warfare Testing Session 1 I’ve been busy with creating my own set of rules that bridge the gap between a pure skirmish and mass combat, something that could handle a platoon or so of regular troops, with the possibility of mixing in character PC heroes and vehicles or other heavy-hitters. Tentatively named Heroes, Heavies, and Hordes, my system uses traditional d4-d20 numerical progression.

I’ve used these rules to play Modern Warfare: I started my first play-test with just the ‘hordes’ portion of the rules test, trying out the conventional ground combat to ensure that the basics work in this system before adding anything else.

Drove several miles down the valley, this morning, in the teeth of a sharp wind and flurries of snow, but after facing the cold bravely, one brings home a sort of virtuous glow which is not to be picked up by cowering over the fireside; it is with this as with more important matters, the effort brings its own reward.

Everyone has a guilty secret. Some have more than one. Some carry them for longer than others. I have more than one and I’ve carried them for longer than most. Two of them concern sporting allegiances. It was nine years later and the start of regular attendance at HKR matches that finally banished those particular demons.

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Dunedin City Council Fortune Theatre Jerusalem, Jerusalem – directed by Rosemary Riddell Jerusalem, Jerusalem is a bold new work based on the life and death of New Zealand’s finest poet and one of her most controversial sons. Foul-mouthed, honey-tongued, social critic and wild prophet; James K. Baxter entranced and scandalised the population in equal measure. He was a recovering alcoholic, a brilliant literary critic, a dogmatic Catholic, a randy libertine, a creative genius and a perceptive showman.

Thirty years on from his death at the age of 46, he comes to life again in this riveting dramatic work which continues to shock and engage audiences. Written by novelist Mike Riddell, the play takes Eliot’s Murder in the Cathedral, baptises it in Maori culture and antipodean imagery, and sends it back ringing in the ears and thumping in the heart Jerusalem, Jerusalem, is based on the last year of his life,

In one of the more bizarre stories from The Hook-Up (and there have been many!), Alicia admits to having sex with an inmate while she worked at a prison!

Those were sold with a discount and therefore they were non-returnable. They can only be exchanged for a similar model or a gift card. All of this was clearly explained beforehand. So a customer buys this TV then comes after the weekend of a football or hockey night game and wants to return it because he doesn’t like the colour anymore. Also, we are on the second floor. One irate customer exclaimed loudly “Who here thinks the service sucks?

Even though the kitchen’s meltdown was not the fault of the waiters, we had to continue to work that room in that unruly, mob-like atmosphere. Now she had about 4 of her children standing in the exit, the oldest of which was about 12 which is the one who she handed her purse to, but as soon as she took her seat she says to me “My damn purse better be here when I get back or im gon’ get my man up and here and shoot yo mothafuckin ass dead!

One day we had an Armenian guest who was claiming his the room was not up to his standards and decided to make a big deal about it the next morning. He was so rude to the point of almost making a co-worker cry of desperation because she refused to compensate the night as his arguments seemed really fake and invalid. Once he saw he was not going to get nothing back he threw his receipt on the floor and powered walked his way out into a very clean glass door that was recently cleaned.

His sunglasses broke causing him a small cut on the upper part of his nose. My co-worker and I couldn’t stop laughing the second he walked out even madder.

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Running in Annapolis was great! And I’m proud to say, a new PR has been reached: I wish I could say getting to Annapolis was just as easy.

Vinnie Paul, Jeffrey explains tampons, & more – Part 01 Jul 12, Listen Vinnie Paul, Jeffrey explains tampons, & more – Part 02 Jul 12, Listen Britain the white supremacist, BART withholding surveillance videos, & more – Part 01 Jul 11, Listen Britain the white supremacist, BART.

His first day on the air was his 21st birthday, September 21, In what is now a widely recounted story, Rover saw an ad in the newspaper looking for part-time disc jockeys on the station. Thinking he was in trouble, Rover got up to leave but was called back by Stern, who was impressed someone would go to such great lengths to get a job. Initially he held the afternoon drive position from 3 to 7 PM, but management quickly decided his show was too racy for PM drive after he barged into the studios of another radio station live on the air carrying human feces in a paper bag to start a confrontation with the competing disc jockeys at KALC-FM Alice Rover was moved to evenings and was heard from 7 PM to Midnight.

It was during this time he started the dating segment The Thursday Hook-Up, which still continues to this day. Rover left the station in after it was bought by another broadcasting company and flipped to Spanish. He hosted a syndicated show heard on a handful of AM stations and on the internet. Comedy World soon went bankrupt and ceased operations, and was featured in the book F’d Companies: He was fired just a few months later after a female guest on his show got naked and ran around the radio station offices.

Rover thought of the name of the show just a few days before going on the air: Rover’s Morning Glory was subsequently barred from airing during the remainder of their contract with CBS. The addition of the new affiliate was not announced until the morning the show arrived on the station in Columbus.

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Brought up deep in Arsenal territory, Charlie was just a nipper when he made his first trip to Highbury to see the Gunners play. His fiery nature showed up early in his life when he was expelled from a local school. As a young boy he played for Islington Schoolboys before he realised his dream when in May he signed as an apprentice at Arsenal and turned professional eighteen months later. In a short period of three to four years he had progressed from standing on the terraces watching his heroes to actually playing among them.

Unfortunately, ill-discipline marred his initial season and as a result he spent three months in the reserves. He was reinstated in the spring and as a year-old he helped the Gunners to European Fairs Cup glory.

15 November. Interview: David Hine and Mark Stafford discuss Lip Hook. 15 November. Rebellion has teamed up with the National Literacy Trust to distribute 10, of their new Roy of the Rovers releases.; 14 November. Dave Gibbons’ appreciation of Stan Lee.; 9 November. A rare episode of the Radio Luxembourg Dan Dare radio series from has surfaced and you can hear it here.

One quite enjoys the sleighing, however, as there was very little last month. Drove several miles down the valley, this morning, in the teeth of a sharp wind and flurries of snow, but after facing the cold bravely, one brings home a sort of virtuous glow which is not to be picked up by cowering over the fireside; it is with this as with more important matters, the effort brings its own reward.

Walking near the river saw three large waterfowl moving northward; we believed them to be loons; they were in sight only for a moment, owing to the trees above us, but we heard a loud howling cry as they flew past, like that of those birds. It is early for loons, however, and we may have been deceived. They usually appear about the first of April, remaining with us through the summer and autumn until late in December, when they go to the seashore; many winter about Long Island, many more in the Chesapeake.

Not long since we saw one of these birds of unusual size, weighing nineteen pounds; it had been caught in Seneca Lake on the hook of what fishermen call a set-line, dropped to the depth of ninety-five feet, the bird having dived that distance to reach the bait. Several others have been caught in the same manner in Seneca Lake upon lines sunk from eighty to one hundred feet.

It may be doubted if any other feathered thing goes so far beneath the water. There is, however, another, and a much smaller bird, the Dipper, or ousel, which is still more at home in the water than the loon, and that without being web-footed, but it is probably less of a diver. The Dipper must indeed be a very singular bird; instead of swimming on the surface of the water like ducks and geese, or beneath like the loons, or wading along the shores like many of the long-legged coast tribes, it actually runs or flies about at will over gravelly beds of mountain streams.

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All fun by comparison! Often there would be a low key testimonial of some description — a Poppies Select taking on Boston or Oxford United, watched by a few hundred charitable souls with nothing better to do on a May evening. Or there would be a cup final, usually of the county variety, but sometimes a tiny bit less local. And for a spell in the late 70s and early 80s, Rockingham Road played host to a succession of top drawer, end of season friendlies of the type you never see nowadays, before the Premiership came along and seasons extended forever.

These were genuine prestige occasions, in which every kid of a certain age would converge on Rockingham Road for a rare glimpse of a moustache or perm owned by someone famous.

The doses should be repackaged in the syringe size that is closest to the dose being administered for better accuracy. Accessed July 20, Marty – Slater Pharmacy I have had the pleasure in working with Datascan since Unit-dose drug distribution systems.

For all the latest news in grassroots football this is the page to visit. If you have a story to share, please email Simon Parkinson at Simon. FC Barometrics Reserves made no mistake sealing their place in the last-four shake-up and a home tie with Cheltenham Civil Service Reserves, their Cheltenham Division Two compatriots, on the same March afternoon. Baro crushed Stroud Division Three basement battlers Quedgeley Wanderers Thirds on their travels with braces each for Brett Blake and Thomas Short and single contributions by Joe Finch and Mike Short, while the hosts, who completed the game with ten men no thanks to the dismissal of Connor Price, at least registered through Shaun Banner and Matteo Flaviani consolations.

Relegation-threatened Hanham and their manager Tim Cotter will, no doubt, have something to say about that. Both clubs have long made no secret of their craving to gain entry into the Toolstation Western League for the first time in their histories. Lebeq, while currently trailing the league leaders and grimly clinging on to their tails with games in hand to enhance prospects, have the edge, it would appear, when it comes to facilities required to meet stringent FA ground grading criteria.

While boss Davies battles to get it right on the field, efforts are ongoing behind the scenes to secure planning permission to install all-important floodlights and fencing. Thornbury are hopeful of gaining the green light from South Gloucestershire Council for all that within the next fortnight or so. The Mundy Fields manager insisted: The recently-installed year-old supremo performed for Bridgwater, Taunton, Bristol Manor Farm and Shirehampton among others before a cruciate knee ligament injury lucklessly curtailed his playing days.

And it is clear that the new kid on the block will not tolerate any shirking of responsibilities by his current crop of players charged with attempting to reverse the slide. Hallen were due to take on a revitalised Longwell Green Sports outfit on Saturday, January 27 with their manager demanding an improvement on the performance he witnessed by his men in the home defeat by Bridgwater Town seven days prior.

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