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Halloween is the perfect holiday to use as inspiration for team names because it incorporates so many elements. Get the competition shaking in their boots with a clever, spooky team name. Sons of Witches Take a classic Halloween costume , pair it with an edgy catch-phrase, and you’ve got one clever name. Use this monicker for adult-only competitions like bar trivia, fantasy sports teams, or all-male teams. Between a Warlock and a Ghost Face Inspired by the age-old saying “stuck between a rock and a hard place” this team name is perfect for costume party trivia, male dance teams, and cosplay groups. Dances With Werewolves Talent show groups, dance teams, drill teams, and theater troupes are ideal recipients of this name inspired by the classic 90’s movie Dances with Wolves.

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By Michele Meleen Counselor A funeral resolution is a type of tribute to the deceased that is delivered as a speech, typically in church, about the deceased’s relationship with God. This type of speech warrants a serious tone and is usually delivered by a member of the clergy or pastoral staff. Each church will have specific formatting instructions although the general guidelines are similar.

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A phrase that begins on one person’s wrist ends on the other’s Matching lip prints Puzzle pieces that fit together when matched up An animal that has a special significance for each of you Lock and key Wedding bells with the date inside Two rings linked together Celebrities Couples with Tattoos Throughout the years, many of Hollywood’s hottest couples have proclaimed their undying love with matching tattoos. Rap diva Eve and her man, Stevie J.

His says “Sleazy” and hers reads “Sleazy’s Girl”. McDermott also has a portrait of Tori inked on his left arm. David Beckham and wife Victoria Posh Spice have matching tattoos that read “I am my beloved’s, my beloved is mine” in Hebrew. David also has Victoria’s name tattooed in Hindu on his inner arm while Victoria has David’s initials inked on her wrist. Think Before You Ink If you have made your choice to get matching tattoos, you will not likely be influenced by friends and family who aren’t in favor of your decision.

That does not make you or them right or wrong. The bottom line is that you want this ink and so does your partner. Just go into the situation with your open eyes. Try to choose a symbol that you both like rather than simply inking names. This way, if things don’t pan out the way you thought they would, you will always have that symbol with you as a reminder of that time in your life, but you won’t have to worry about the embarrassment or expense involved with removing a name. Consider creating your own design.

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By Amy Guertin Licensed Counselor The most important thing in understanding stress in a man is realizing men respond to stress completely differently than women. A man is not going to respond to stress in the same way you do, and he is not going to respond to the same “helpful” behaviors from you that you would from him. Hormones and Stress There are three hormones involved in stress reactions: Cortisol Epinephrine Oxytocin Cortisol and epinephrine are essentially produced in equal amounts in men and women during stressful events.

However, it is oxytocin, a bonding hormone also called “the love hormone” , that is produced and released in much lower amounts in men than women when stressed. When stressed, men tend to:

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Aquarius Man and Sagittarius Woman In Romantic Relationships Like with everything in an Aquarian woman’s life, in a romantic relationship she’s brilliant, inventive, creative, and an original, but she’s not particularly loving or romantic. She’ll not stand for being tied down and won’t surrender her independence to anyone. Nor is she the passionate type. She’s a woman who watches, thinks, and tests a man before she leaps into a relationship. When she does fall in love, it’s because the man has passed all her tests.

It’s only after a man has gained her trust and offered her boundless limits that she can or will confirm her love for him. A Sagittarius Man A Sagittarius man is an honest and truthful person, sometimes blatantly so. He’s outspoken and doesn’t sugar coat anything. Versatile and fun, he’s a social animal with a great sense of humor who has many diverse friends.

He enjoys anything or anyone that excites his physical, emotional, and intellectual self. Ruled by the benefic planet Jupiter , he has vitality, hope, optimism, and faith, and often appears to be the luckiest and happiest guy around.

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This is true whether you need to notify someone that he or she is out of compliance or you need to respond to receiving such a notification yourself. Use the sample letters provided here to help you get started drafting a letter of your own. Two Types of Compliance Letters Select the sample letter for the type of situation you are facing by clicking the corresponding image. The letter will open as a fully customizable PDF document. Review this guide to printables if you need assistance.

Once the file you select is open, you can edit the text simply by clicking anywhere in the highlighted area.

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Celtic Love Knot Tattoos While these symbols are by no means an all-inclusive list, many of the most unique wedding symbols are symbols that are based on the union between two particular people. In other words, they are tattoos unique to the wearer, such as ink based around a major event or tradition in the relationship. Other popular wedding symbol tattoos are more abstract, such as two circles meeting in the middle.

Marriage Symbols Tattoos Looking for a few ideas for marriage symbol tattoos you can ink? Before deciding on a pattern, ask yourself these three questions: If you’re looking for ideas before marriage, is this something you really want? With the modern divorce rate so high, you don’t want to be left with a tattoo that no longer has any meaning. If you’re married already, do you know how your partner feels about the tattoo?

Some people are adverse to tattoos no matter how rich in personal meaning they may be. It’s always best to talk the situation over with your spouse before you decide on a tattoo. Why do you want the tattoo?

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Ideas for Friendship Tattoo Designs Friendship in General Perhaps you’ve been lucky enough to enjoy many strong friendships in your life. If so, maybe you’d rather pay general tribute to the concept of friendship without being specific about individual friendships. Here are a few design ideas you can build on. Matching tattoos are a subtle way for you and your friends to celebrate your relationships.

It doesn’t matter which design you choose as long as it has meaning for everyone involved.

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Other Situations Necessitating Proof of Marriage Obtaining Additional or Other’s Certificates If you are not provided with a copy of your marriage certificate, lose it, or need a copy of someone else’s certificate, you will need to contact your local government bureau of vital statistics. You can usually request it either in person or by mail — remember to bring proof of identification if applying in person.

You will be required to pay a fee, usually ranging from eight to twenty dollars. Be sure to ask what forms of payment are acceptable as some offices may only accept cash. Some outside services, like Vital Chek offer expedited delivering of marriage records. You also have the option to pay by credit card when using a service like this. Generally only a relative, such as a parent, grandparent, spouse, or child, can request an official copy of someone’s marriage record.

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By Rob Lindeman M. Formally, geology is the study of the earth and its processes. In practice, geology covers many disciplines from plate tectonics the study of the forces that give rise to earthquakes and continental drift to carbon dating, used to calculate the age of fossils. Simply put, geology is the study of the origin, structure and history of the earth. Types of Geologists and What They Do The field of geology is broad and encompasses a variety of smaller fields of study, or disciplines, some of which include:

Halloween is the perfect holiday to use as inspiration for team names because it incorporates so many elements. Get the competition shaking in their boots with a clever, spooky team name.

Monet with copyright symbol used after To view Monet marks visit Illusion Jewels. The Jewelry Styles of Monet Through the Decades Through the years Monet designers stayed abreast of the times changing their styles and designs to keep their jewelry stylish and in fashion. In addition they were responsible for many leading developments in the jewelry field including the barrel clutch for women with pierced ears and the friction ear clip, a very comfortable option for women with non pierced ears.

Other style included delicate hand painted pieces. The jewelry designed with classic simplistic beauty was often embellished with sparkling Austrian crystals or rhinestones. Many of the pieces showed a military influence. In the s the jewelry made by Monet reflected the changing times in their designs. Among their many popular designs were figural pieces such as poodle dog pins, bow pins, charms and charm bracelets.

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